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Thursday, October 24, 2013

They're always there... making a name for you, they could ruin you, they're all around us... What are they?    GRADES!!!

       To society, grades are pretty much a label of who you are, and what you can do.  this is obviously not true, but people with bad grades joke about the fact that they have a 21% in a class.  Most teachers just label these kids bad, when maybe they just missed a few assignments.  In my opinion, numbers in grades are just to show someone doing bad more specifically.  If an assignment comes in late, or on the wrong kind of paper (i have experience with that one), you get points off.  nowhere in the grade does it say you did these things, so it almost seems like you just can't complete the assignment correctly.
       The 100 point scale to me (and yes... also Claire) is just a way for teachers to be lazy and grade papers easier.  the traditional way we grade papers doesn't show what we need to specifically in a certain topic. for example, if you do bad on a quiz about shapes, the teacher may feel you need extra help with shapes. but maybe its just part of that topic.
        If you think about it like that, then you may understand how this method doesn't work so well.  Thats why there's a grading system called the SBG. SBG stands for Standards Based Grading.  its a grading system that breaks down subjects by unique standards.  if you don't do good in a topic within a topic the teacher will know.  for example if you do bad on that shapes quiz with SBG, your grades will say you need help with something like naming a 400000000000000 sided shape.  then you can get specific help.
        I say we switch to SBG so people can stop failing classes and get on with their lives.

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  1. Chris, your blog is a little hard to read. I like the font but the fact that it's bold makes it difficult. Also, please be careful and proofread, it seems you may have a habit of not capitalized the first letter of the first word of a sentence. (This also makes it difficult to read.) As for your personal experience of not using the "right type of paper" -- wow! Sure seems unfair.