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Friday, November 15, 2013

one of the best parts of rogate.  well this year i am learning what i can and can't do in 16 days.
At first we were going to make a "Cat Mario" based game and troll the class.  we can't do that since we can't get a  software on the school's computer.  to overcome this obstacle, we found a website to make a game on... long story short, that got very boring very fast since a 3 year old could make a game on that site.  

we went to a new idea.  CODING.
We decided to code our own video game.  at first we turned to code academy, but that didn't really help.  after that we tried c++ (a type of coding) tutorials.  that didn't work either. so we are now working on a word game without graphics.  we are making this on notepad.  this will be our project.

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